Welcome to the Saltyard

Here at the Saltyard we believe in doing things right. We believe that life is full of goodness. All you need to really enjoy it is a little time.

At the Saltyard we believe that the weekend can be longer, that food can taste better, and that the sunset on Sunday will take a lifetime to dip below the horizon.


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Pleasing distractions

When we're not crafting beautiful books for your reading delight, here are the sites on which we while away the hours:

  • Angela Harding

    Painter and print maker, we just love her wildlife prints inspired by landscapes in Norfolk, Cornwall and Shropshire.

  • Atlantic Blanket Company, Cornwall

    You can never have too many blankets and throws.

  • Bookswarm

    Bookswarm designed our website and we love them because they love books.

  • Cornish Sea Salt

    Season with a pinch of Cornish Sea Salt.

  • David Mellor Design

    Not only for fine tableware made in Sheffield, but for all beautiful kitchen things. And, he designed the traffic light - how cool is that?

  • Frank, Whitstable

    Everyone likes a day out in Whitstable, and once you've been to the Sugar Boy for some mint humbugs then you can shop for nice prints, books and cards in Frank.

  • Much Ado Books

    Not only books, but workshops, crafts and cards. Visit the medieval Alfriston Clergy House while you're there.

  • Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

    An eclectic permanent collection in a Queen Anne house and always wonderful exhibitions.

  • Salts Mill, Saltaire

    A Yorkshire mill. David Hockney. One of the nicest bookshops anywhere, ever.

  • St. Jude’s Gallery

    For obvious reasons. Angie Lewin, Mark Hearld, Emily Sutton, Ed Kluz, Jonathan Gibbs... and for fabrics, cushions and tote bags.

  • The Foodie Bugle

    An emporium of foodie delights, both an online shop and magazine and a lovely new shop in Margaret's Buildings, Bath. We can't wait to visit.

  • The General Store, Peckham

    For feeding us.

  • The Hambledon, Winchester

    Leave your wallet at home... Just saying.

  • The Landmark Trust

    Because who doesn't want to spend a weekend in a folly?

  • Under the Thatch

    Holidays in Wales. Under the thatch and preferably with a wood-burning stove.

  • Woottens of Wenhaston, Suffolk

    A trip to Southwold isn't complete without a detour to Woottens for scented geraniums, pelargoniums, auriculas, lavenders, flag irises. In short, all good things for the garden.

  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Sculpture, in a park.

Latest offerings

  • Five Quarters: Recipes and Notes from a Kitchen in Rome

    ‘Of course I thought Rome was glorious, but I didn’t want to stay. A month, three at most, then I’d take a train back to Sicily to finish the clockwise journey I’d interrupted, before moving even further southwards…’ Instead, captivated by the exhila …

  • Vanilla Black: Fresh Flavours for your Vegetarian Kitchen

    “To us, the fact our cooking is vegetarian is incidental – we just like to eat good food. We love to reinvent classic dishes, create new flavour combinations, source unusual ingredients and occasionally we use a microwave because well, why not?” From t …

  • Ten Cocktails: The Art of Convivial Drinking

    In Ten Cocktails, The Times drinks columnist Alice Lascelles uses ten of her favourite cocktails to distil the stories, recipes and tips she has amassed in more than a decade in pursuit of the mixed drink. Join her as she dodges the washing lines of ba …


Kind words

“Indulge your inner Paddington Bear.”

Homes & Gardens on Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook

“What a great read – a true British inspiration story – I loved it!”

Cath Kidston on Toast & Marmalade: Stories From the Kitchen Dresser, A Memoir

“Emma Bridgewater, queen of kitchenware, proves herself to be queen of the memoir too.”

Stephen Fry on Toast & Marmalade: Stories From the Kitchen Dresser, A Memoir

“Somewhere between a culinary glossary, a seasonal miscellany and a how-to cookbook, this is one dinky kitchen companion, courtesy of the Primrose Hill greengrocers. Its diminutive size and pleasing red print on white paper – as pretty as a crisp gingham napkin – make it eminently easy to use, and use it you will.”

Guardian on Good Food For Your Table: A Grocer’s Guide

“[An] ease is found in Florence Knight’s One: A cook and her cupboard, a volume that could be a manifesto for a minimalist culinary aesthetic.”

Times Literary Supplement on One: A Cook and Her Cupboard

“I’m smitten with the sweet spice mix from Honey & Co, a warm, heady mix including cardamom, fennel seed, mahleb and cinnamon. A teaspoon sprinkled on porridge is so satisfying it can almost persuade me to forgo sugar.”

Stella on Honey & Co: Food From the Middle East

“Not all cookbooks are as useful in the way that Sarah Randell’s has proved to be . . . Sarah Randell’s book provides an amnesty for all those who love to make marmalade and then use it up.”

Rose Prince’s Baking Club, Daily Telegraph on Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook

“A volume that could be a manifesto for a minimalist culinary aesthetic.”

Times Literary Supplement on One: A Cook and Her Cupboard

“I wish I’d published: Honey & Co: Food from the Middle East by Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer, because I love their restaurant that is like a Middle Eastern home, I love their food which is heaven on Earth, and most of all I love Itamar and Sarit. If I could, I would be married to both of them.”

Alexandra Pringle, Editor in chief, Bloomsbury on Honey & Co: Food From the Middle East

“Besides my own mum, help of another kind is on hand in the form of Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook by Sarah Randell, food director of Sainsbury’s Magazine, who’s written some lip-smacking recipes for marmalade and what you can do with it – marmalade-glazed bacon sandwiches anyone?”

Press Association syndicated feature interview on Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook