About us

Kick off your shoes. Pour yourself a drink. The weekend has only just begun.

Here at the Saltyard we believe in doing things right. We believe that life is full of goodness. All you need to really enjoy it is a little time.

We believe that the best food is thoughtfully prepared and cooked just so. We believe that the berries you pick from the hedgerow will always taste better than the ones you buy, and the food you share even better.

We believe in travel and time away. What better than waking up somewhere new on a Saturday morning, as the sun creeps slowly across the floor? What better than those few precious moments reading before the day really begins? Outside, the promise of adventure. Inside, between the pages, adventure too. New finds, new tastes, new sights to savour.

We believe in living the life. We believe that a morning spent crabbing or climbing trees is never wasted. That there’s as much to learn from a walk in the woods as there is in school. That the simplest pleasures are those that stay with us longest.

At the Saltyard we believe that the weekend can be longer, that food can taste better, and that the sunset on Sunday will take a lifetime to dip below the horizon.

Linger at the Saltyard. Every day’s a weekend.